Sweet Treats Abound: The Best Ice Cream on the Gold Coast

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Dig in and celebrate summer with the best frozen treats offered on the Gold Coast! According to Urban:List, these shops are serving up scoops of the best ice cream and gelato and you aren’t going to want to miss trying them! 

Here’s a quick snapshot of the top ten must-try sweet treat shops on the Gold Coast and what they are dishing out! 

  1. Scoop Gelati: A family-owned and operated establishment that celebrates bold flavours and uses as many local ingredients as possible in their creations. 
  2. Gelato Messina: Gelato Messina has expanded from Sydney to the Gold Coast bringing with them an assortment of over 40 exotic flavours that will leave you wanting more!  
  3. Heven-Yah: You’ll find a loyal following to this most charming Gold Coast Gelateria. And it’s not just the atmosphere that makes customers swoon, it’s the other-worldly flavours as well! 
  4. The Gelato Shop: Some of the best ice creams on the Coast can be found at the Gelato Shop. Enticing flavours, triple scoops, and takeaway containers await you! 
  5. My Gelato: This local favorite can be found at two locations on the Gold Coast and is serving up an array of interesting flavours with many vegan options on the menu. 
  6. Cowch Dessert Bar: Ready for an experience? Go try their signature pops and pair it with a creative cocktail for a truly decadent time.
  7. Lik Lik Lik Gelato: Every time you come into Lik Lik Lik Gelato it is a new experience! They offer customers a constantly rotating variety of both unique and classic flavours. 
  8. Ti Amo Gelato: A local gem, this place is family-owned and operated offering scoops, classic and mini pops, and flavours that are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. 
  9. Tango Gelato: Featuring 3 locations total and two on the Gold Coast itself, Tango Gelato is a crowd-pleaser! This award-winning shop features extraordinary flavours you won’t be able to resist. 
  10. Burleigh Gelato Co.: If you love trying obscure new flavours, then the Gold Coast’s newest Gelato stop will be yours as well! This place caught our attention and held it fast with their variety of yummy treats and interesting flavours. 

Take the family out and explore! 

Summer is just getting started! There is plenty of time to explore the Gold Coast and stop into these fan-favorites. We hope you’ll discover some new flavours that will rock-your-world and give you relief from the heat!

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