How to Invest in the Australian Market as a Non-Resident

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Australia is one of the most popular locations for overseas and Australian ex-pats because of the stability, consistency, and ease with which property investment can be accomplished. The Australian market has a proven track record of being stable with prices never falling more than 20% in a single year. Much of this is due to the sensible economic management and responsible lending legislation that’s in place within the country. 

Additionally, there is consistency in the growth rate over the last 100 years with market prices doubling every 7-10 years—this catches the eye of non-resident investors looking for a suitable investment opportunity. 

It’s also easy to purchase property in Australia. The government approval is simple with minimal social, economic, and political instability in Australia. The only thing you need to worry about as a non-resident is additional taxes. 

What can you invest in as a non-resident?

Due to legislation changes in 2015, foreign investment in Australian residential purchases has become more complex. In fact, foreign investors cannot purchase established residences. However, they can invest in new properties, off-the-plan apartments, and vacant land subject to the development being completed within four years’ time. 

No matter what route you go as a foreign investor, you’ll need to gain approval from the FIRB, and you’ll want to take advantage of professionals in Australia to help facilitate the entire process. Your reliable team should include a broker, financial advisor, and a migration lawyer to help facilitate your non-residential purchase of a property. 

Why should you invest in Australian property?

Aside from the market being excellent, Australia is a popular destination for both business and pleasure. The Gold Coast area has so much to offer for your investment including a beachside lifestyle, entertainment options, dining, and more right outside the city limits.  

At Key Investments, Andy Gray is the guy you need to make your investment worthwhile! 

Andy has extensive experience in the industry and can find the perfect investment opportunity for you. Being local, Andy can offer local knowledge and give you all you need to know as a non-resident for making the best selection in your purchase. 

Purchasing property in a foreign land does not have to be difficult. Follow Andy’s advice and utilize his resources and your non-residential property purchase will be smooth sailing from start to finish!

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